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History of Rserving®

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In the early 1980's, there was a large drunk driving problem, which reached the level of former President Reagan, and there was a move to reduce drunk driving.  Our executives had one of the first school systems to require all their students to learn about responsible serving® of alcohol.

Here at Rserving®, we definitely want your customers to have fun and have a few drinks, but we also want your customers to get home safely.  We strive to train our students to ensure they understand the importance of Responsible Serving®.  Also, though product knowledge and customer service, we provide education to help bartenders, servers, and bar owners to make great money.

With our interest in computers, our executives were able to create the first online training school, with the first sales in 1999.  Our first course was in learning bartending mixology.  Bartending is a great subject to learn online, as there is a lot of memorization, not just drinks, but alcohol tastes, distilling methods, and history.  Online learning provides the ability to review, with flash cards, tests and repetition, which is the best way to memorize.  Knowledge of these items give you the capability to provide great customer service.  Servers with great knowledge get great tips.  The most successful restaurants have very knowledgeable employees.

For short certification courses, we feel online training is the best method (for both students, employers, and monitors).  The students can learn at their own pace, the students are tested on the material, fraud is reduced, and validation is an easy process.  Also, our online system allows us to keep our costs down, which helps both the employee and the employer.

At PSCC, we have been working with individuals to help them get trained in bartending, responsible serving®, and food safety.  We have students that have paid for over a quarter of a million courses online.  We also work with bar managers to provide low cost certification training that is easy to use.

PSCC is the most widely recognized online training school for restaurants.  We are certified in most states, and in several states we have been the first school to get certified for online training.

We have also developed Content Management Systems (CMS) for updating web pages, Learning Management Systems (LMS) for monitoring students, and tools such as online ID guides to check IDs without the use of the ID books.

We also offer 12 hour customer support, we invite you to call our offices anytime.
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