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Online Training: An Employer's Perspective

Online Training: An Employer's Perspective
When you're dealing with food and alcohol, the associated legal, health, and safety concerns make training even more important.  Rserving is here to help with our online training options. We have been on the phone with employers, and they are saying how their employees are learning more in an online format.  One employer even said, "Since we moved to online training, we have not had any failures at compliance checks."

With all of the training you have to handle, Rserving has you covered for alcohol serving and food safety.  We research federal and state laws, health information and best practices and combine this information into interactive, self-paced online courses.  We offer a wide variety of courses, including Responsible Serving® of Alcohol, Food Safety for Handlers, CFM (Certified Food Manager), Bartender Mixology, and Waiter/Waitress Skills.  We can even help you to create your own custom training modules.

Why use online training?  Using Rserving saves you time and money.  With our online format, we can offer our courses at affordable prices, with discounts available to employers.  You don't have to coordinate a day when all employees can attend, and your staff doesn't have to come in early, miss a day of work, or travel to a training location.  Another benefit is that students must actively participate and demonstrate their knowledge before being certified.  Our online training is available 24/7 - when you or your employees need training, our training is available.  

By using online training, you show respect for employees' time and schedules.  With our courses, they'll be able to learn at their own pace, and our interactive features will keep them engaged and interested.  They will gain the skills necessary to handle challenging situations.  Providing online training demonstrates that you care about your employees and creates a culture of continual improvement that your employees and your customers will notice and appreciate.

Rserving can be a valuable part of your training efforts.  Please browse the course offerings on our website.  If you're interested in creating customized trainings or training portals, please contact us at 800-247-7737. 
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