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Colorado Live Training Session

Colorado Live Training Session
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Rserving's Colorado Responsible Serving of Alcohol course is approved by the Colorado Department of Revenue, Liquor and Tobacco Enforcement for server / seller training for both on-premises establishments (bars, restaurants, etc) and off-premises establishments (liquor stores, convenience stores, etc.).

This course is live streaming so be sure to pick an available class that works with your schedule. To attend the scheduled class, you will need to provide an image copy of your legal ID before your chosen class date.

You will need to be online during the entire class.  Class time is 2 - 3 hours.  All the information you need to participate is provided in the course and a reminder email the Monday before. Once your order is processed, you will need to log in to your account to provide additional personal information for the class, including your driver's license number.

Use the drop down to view upcoming class dates and times. Classes are currently being held every other Wednesday at 9:00am MST.  Enrollment closes one week prior to the class.

State Training Requirements

This training is required for an establishment to be considered a Responsible Alcohol Beverage Vendor or to serve beverage alcohol at tastings held in retail liquor stores or liquor licensed drugstores.

Training is also required for the resident on-site owner or a manager and all employees who serve or sell alcoholic beverages. Once an establishment is designated a Responsible Vendor, all new employees involved in the sale, handling and service of alcoholic beverages must complete this training within 90 days of hire.

Session Procedure

  1. Purchase the Live Training Session with a date that works for you.
  2. Set your password to your account.
  3. Log in to your account & course for more detailed information on the course proceedings.
  4. On your chosen session date, login before the class starts.

If you are late or if you do not submit your legal ID image you will need to contact us to reschedule the course. Also, if you leave during the class and miss a quiz you will need to contact us to reschedule the course

Group Rates

$300 per class, maximum 50 people

We offer group rates and custom class times* to work with your schedules. For testing, each participant must be on a separate device.

* Classes are scheduled in 3 hours blocks and start times are available from M-Th 8 AM - 1 PM MST. Use our contact form on rserving.com/contact to arrange your session.