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Incident Report Log

Incident Report Log
This log book will provide documentation for one year.

An incident and injury report log will show the patterns and practices of your business, as well as show details of any incidents.  We were the first to create log books, and have copyrights going back to 1995.

A valid (legal) log book must be bound, and should have entries every day.

Log book details:
  • Total Pages: 88
  • Daily Log Pages: 52 (seven per page), makes it easy to make notes for a year
  • Incident Pages: 22 pages (11 logs)
  • Injury Pages 4 page (2 logs)
  • Extra Voluntary Witness Pages: 3 (2 statements per page)

Download a Sample Incident Report Log!
Download Incident Report Log (Sample)

Businesses that sell alcohol (bars, restaurants, convenience stores, etc) should have an incident and injury report log. This log book is a bound document that has a daily section for notes, and reference pages to help the server collect information. Injuries are the main reason for lawsuits, hence you will want a record of what happened for injuries or alcohol related incidents.