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Employer Website / Training Portal

Employer Website / Training Portal
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The complete website / training portal for your business or franchise allows you to setup a website and training portal for your business to use. You get your own URL (domain name), login page, and complete customizable website where you can advertise your business on the web, direct employees to login, or even host your complete menu or specials online!

What You Can Do With Your Website / Training Portal
  • Get your own URL (www.AnyRestaurant.com)
  • Edit your complete website at any time (unlimited pages)
  • Include photos, videos, text, menus, drink specials, and more
  • Advertise your certifications
  • Invite your customers to post comments on your site (you approve every comment)
  • Access to Mailmak Automailer Software

The Employer Website / Training Portal allows you to upload your logo, contact information, advertising information, etc. Our professional website development team can also design the site for you if you choose the Deluxe Employer Package option.

What if I already have a website?
If your business already has a website, you can use the free training portal site primarily as a training portal login and you can link it back to your main website. If your business does not already have a website, the easy-to-use content management system will allow you to add some content to the site quickly and easily to have a fully functional website for your business!

If your website domain is www.ExampleBar.com, we suggest choosing www.ExampleBar.net for your training portal website domain. 
(this option is presented at checkout)

How many training tokens (certificates) do we get?
You have two options when you go to checkout. Option 1 is for bars or restaurants who serve both alcohol and food and Option 2 is for restaurants who do not serve alcohol.

What are the features of the Deluxe Employer Package Website?
  • Discounted Course Enrollment, order as needed for future training
  • Student / employee tracking (online)
  • Student login from your custom training portal
  • Complete website or training portal for your business
  • Easy-to-use Content Management System for your website
  • Website integration with Facebook, Twitter, & more!
  • Window decal showing you are training in Responsible Serving
  • Cards for all graduates
  • Access to Mailmak Automailer
  • 1 business email address (at your URL)
  • Window decal showing you are training in Responsible Serving
  • Yearly fee, no obligation

Option 1 (bars/restaurants)
  • 1 CFM (Certified Food Manager) card, train online, proctored exam 
  • 15 Responsible Serving for Food handler cards, train online 
  • 15 Responsible Serving of Alcohol cards, train online 
Option 2 (restaurants with food only)
  • 2 CFM (Certified Food Manager) card, train online, proctored exam 
  • 15 Responsible Serving for Food handler cards, train online 

What is the Difference between the "Employer Website/Training Portal" and the "Deluxe Employer Package for Bars / Restaurants"?
The only difference between these two packages is that the Deluxe Employer Package includes professional website development from our expert website team at PSCC!  Our developers will work with you to understand what content you would like on your site and we'll do the work for you.  Once your site is up and running, you will still be able to make changes to it yourself throughout the year through the easy-to-use content management system included in all the Website / Training Portal packages! 

Please refer to the Deluxe Employer Package for information about the Fully Customized Website / Training Portal which gives businesses the option of having our professional web development team work with you and for you on your websites & training portals to develop a professional website and online presence for your bar or restaurant!