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iBar Bartending Simulator

3 distinct learning modes to help you hone your skills and become an expert bartender mixologist!

Perfect your bartending skills and learn to mix popular drinks!

Bartender Mixology Course

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iBarUsing the iBar simulator promotes drink memorization and can help with matching glassware to drinks, memorizing recipes, and garnishes. The iBar software is the next best thing to practicing making drinks with actual glassware and liquors. The iBar will help you learn the process of mixing various types of drinks and help you hone your skills!

The interactive bartender simulator iBar consists of 10 interactive lesson to help you improve your skills and become an expert bartender.

  1. Cream Drinks
  2. Garnishes & Mixers
  3. Two Liquor Drinks
  4. Sour Drinks
  5. Martinis/Manhattans
  6. Highball & Juice
  7. Exotic Drinks
  8. Wine Drinks
  9. Hot Drinks
  10. Shooter Drinks

Perfect your timing to always pour the perfect amount of alcohol for a drink.


iBar Bartending Simulator software is included as part of the Bartender Mixology Course from Rserving.