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Wisconsin Food Manager Certification Changes Effective January 2015!

2013 Wisconsin Act 292 established new requirements for food manager certification in Wisconsin. As of January 1, 2015, any food manager whose certification expired must complete two steps:
    1. Take and pass a CFP-approved exam, and
    2. Apply for state certification.
Recertification courses are no longer accepted.

Click here for more information on changes to the Wisconsin Food Manager Certification Requirement


If I took a recertification course before January 1, 2015, does my recertification expire on January 1, 2015?
No. The way the law is written, if you are eligible to "recertify" before December 31, 2014, you can do so with the current method if your current recertification expires within six months. You would not have to take an approved exam until your state certification expires in five years (2019).

If my current certification expires within six months of December 31, 2014, can I still take a current certification course?
Yes, if your current certification expires within six months of December 31, 2014, you can take the current recertification course as long as you take the course before December 31, 2014. Example 1:  Certification expires December 15, 2014; current recertification course must be taken before December 31, 2014.  Example 2:  Certification expires March 15, 2015; current recertification course can be taken by December 31, 2014.  Individuals obtaining food manager certification after January 1, 2015, shall take an approved exam.

If my current certification expires after January 1, 2015, how long must I wait before I take the certification exam?
If your certification expires after December 31, 2014, you must take the certification exam within six months of your certification expiration date. Example: Certification expires January 15, 2015; certification examination must be taken no later than July 15, 2015.

What is the expiration date for certification?
The expiration date for certification is five years from the date you pass the approved certification exam.

Must I take a class in order to pass the exam (after January 1, 2015)?
No, the new law only requires proof that you passed one of the four Conference for Food Protection (CFP)-approved examinations.

How would reciprocity affect obtaining a Wisconsin certificate?
If you are applying for reciprocity from another state's certification requirement, the Wisconsin certification will expire five years from the date of issuance. In order to receive a Wisconsin certificate, the individual applying for reciprocity must provide proof the examination was a CFP-approved examination.