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What Can I Do with a Bar / Restaurant Website included in the Deluxe Employer Package or Website / Training Portal options?

Bars & restaurants can post menus, food & drink specials, hours of operation, history of the business, staff pictures, bios, and more.  The entire website is completely customizable through the easy-to-use content management system.

If you choose the "Deluxe Employer Package", our team of professional restaurant & bar website developers will work with you to setup and design the website to your specifications. Then, you can take advantage of the easy-to-use content management system to make updates to your site's content throughout the year!

Choose a template that fits your bar or restaurant
The easy-to-use content management system contains many customizable template designs to choose from. If your bar or restaurant has a logo design, you can upload that and integrate it into the template design. You can also contact us for quotes to design a custom template that is designed specifically for your business or franchise.

Upload your bar or restaurant logo
The templates are designed to be used with or without a logo.  Once you have chosen a template, it will give you size restrictions for the logo file and you can upload your own logo design in jpg, gif, or png format.

Add your contact information
Add your contact information including telephone number(s), email address(es), street address, maps (embeddable maps: ie. Google Maps, Mapquest, etc), links to other sites, and more.

Add as much or as little information as you wish
You can use the free bar/restaurant website as your primary business website or as a secondary website dedicated to being your online training portal. 

Use the bar/restaurant training portal site as your main business website or use for linkbacks to another site
You can use the website domain as a training portal for your business and also add links back to your main website which helps your main site in search engine rankings.