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Gratuity Secrets

Course length: 10 hours

Compliance Training

Gratuity Secrets Course

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Increase your income - Earn more tips

It doesn't take employees in the hospitality service industry long to realize how important tips are to their income. The Gratuity Secrets Course teaches effective methods that bartenders and servers can use to increase tips.

Tips are good for employees AND employers

Restaurants and bars rely on customer tips to supplement their employees' income. Employee satisfaction plays a big role in keeping turnover down.  Supplementing bartender / server income with tips is a cost-effective way to raise employee income while keeping costs down.

Earn more tips

The hospitality / service industry is one industry where employees can essentially give themselves a raise by earning more money in tips.

Learn what it takes to provide the efficient, friendly, and professional service that satisfies customers and earns you more tips!

* The Gratuity Secrets Course can be used for training in all states! 

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Gratuity Secrets $24.00

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