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Coffee Shop Barista Training

This barista training course will teach you the basics of working at a coffee shop, and help you achieve better results as a barista.

The barista is the face of the café. A customer interacts with a coffee shop through the barista, who will take the customer's orders, and make those orders to their preferences. A customer's experience with a coffee shop hinges on how well the barista does their job.

Whether you are
  •     Currently employed as a barista
  •     Looking for employment as a barista
This course is designed to help you hone your skills and become a PSCC certified barista.

Barista Course Learning Objectives:

Growing, Harvesting, and Roasting
  •     Where coffee is grown
  •     How coffee is grown
  •     How coffee is processed
  •     The different types of coffee roasts
  •     The process of roasting coffee
  •     How coffee roasters work and how to identify parts of one

Traditional Coffee Pot

Online Barista Training Course

  •     Why coffee should be offered at a cafe or coffee shop
  •     Making coffee with a machine
  •     Various coffee machine types and their operation
  •     Making coffee without a machine
  •     Making cold brew coffee
  •     Keeping coffee at service temperatures

Espresso Machine Operation
  •     What makes espresso different from brewed coffee
  •     How to operate an espresso machine
  •     Techniques for creating a perfect espresso shot
  •     How to steam milk for an espresso drink

Espresso BeveragesBarista Training Course
  •     How various drinks are made
  •     Various drinks history
  •     How the drinks are presented to the customer
  •     How designs are made in drinks

The Coffee Shop Experience
  •     Why customers may choose a coffee shop
  •     How to serve customers
  •     Maintaining customer satisfaction
  •     Maintaining the atmosphere of a coffee shop
  •     The "Coffee Shop Experience"

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Coffee Shop Barista Training $9.87