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Liquor Knowledge

Serve top-shelf drinks that customers will enjoy and gladly pay top money for!

Product knowledge is a must for every master bartender! It is the difference between serving beer for a couple dollars in tips and serving top-shelf drinks, which customers pay top money for.

Earn respect from coworkers and customers alike

Learning about different types & brands of liquor will not only make you a better bartender, it will increase the level of respect you receive from your customers and co-workers.

Liquor Knowledge Course

Increase your earnings!

Product knowledge will impress your customers & earn you more in tips!

Product knowledge will give you the ability to recognize what a customer likes and to recommend the best drinks that will keep your customers coming back to you!

Save with bundled package savings!

Get this as part of the the Rserving Master Bartender Training Package and save!

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Liquor Knowledge $18.99

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