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Alaska Marijuana Handler Permit Training

Rserving's Alaska Marijuana Handler Permit Training is approved by the Marijuana Control Board to train you in Alaska's laws and regulations regarding the use and sale of marijuana. This training covers:

  • Marijuana and its effects
  • Identifying an impaired person
  • Checking IDs and preventing unlawful sales
  • Penalties for unlawful acts
  • Laws and regulations regarding medical use of marijuana
  • Laws and regulations regarding recreational use of marijuana, as well as licensing and types of marijuana licenses
  • Laws and regulations regarding marketing and promotions

This course also walks you through the steps to apply for your Alaska Marijuana Handler Permit once you successfully complete the training.

NOTICE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, emergency regulations have been adopted regarding curbside pickup and internet or phone orders. 
  • Retail establishments may take internet and phone orders. The person placing the order must be the person who picks up the order from the retail establishment.

  • Retail establishments may provide exterior window and curbside service pickup, only if:
    • The marijuana or marijuana product amount is still packaged as expected and meets current restrictions on quantity per sale;
    • The seller confirms the purchaser is not under the influence of alcohol, an inhalant, or any other controlled substance;
    • The seller verifies identification, as expected under the law;
    • The seller has extended their video surveillance requirements to include the area(s) designated for exterior window or curbside pickup;
    • The licensee has submitted a request for an operating plan change; and
    • The licensee has written assurance that the local government permits the change or alteration to include curbside or exterior window pickup.
These regulations are effective November 24, 2020, and set to expire on March 23, 2021 or when the governor's COVID-19 public health emergency disaster declaration expires (unless the regulation is made permanent). Because these are temporary regulations at this time, they are not covered in the Rserving Marijuana Handler's Permit course.

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Alaska Marijuana Handler Permit Training $35.00