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South Dakota Food Manager Recertification

South Dakota Food Manager Recertification Information

South Dakota Food Manager Recertification Course Approval

Rserving's re-certification course that has been approved by the South Dakota Department of Health. An existing food manager whose certification has not expired can take their recertification course entirely online and there is no need to take an additional proctored exam. Upon successful completion of the course, they will be certified for another 5 years.
This course covers the requirements of SD Food Managers. Lessons include Foodborne Illness; Time, Temperature and Microorganisms; The Flow of Food and Cross-Contamination; Equipment and Utensils; Hygiene and Food Safety; Facility Management; Risk Management; Inspections; and Training Your Employees. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to generate your certificate and we will notify the state of your certification. This will renew your certification for another five years.

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South Dakota Food Manager Recertification $49.95