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South Dakota Food Safety for Managers Training

Requirements: In South Dakota, at least one person in charge in each food service establishment or mobile food service must be a certified food service manager. To become certified as a food service manager, a person must complete 8 hours of approved training and pass a proctored exam.

Approved: Yes

South Dakota Department of Health has approved PSCC to provide online training for your Certified Food Manager license. After you finish the computerized course (either at your home or office), you will need to schedule a proctored exam. You will meet with a proctor in a public business and the proctor will verify your identity, give you access to the exam and supervise you while you take the exam. Instead of spending all day going through a course, you can just travel for the final test.

South Dakota Cities Where Proctoring is Available:

Rapid City
Sioux Falls

NOTE: In addition to the cost of the online course, proctoring fees apply for taking your final exam. Proctoring fees are not included in the cost of this course. They are typically around $40. However, proctors are free to set their own pricing for proctoring so you will need to check with the individual proctors for pricing details.

Food Safety for Managers Online Course: $59.95

Complete Process for Getting your Certified Food Manager license in South Dakota.
  1. Sign up for and complete the online South Dakota Food Manager Certification course.

  2. After you complete the course, print your Proctoring Directions Form. This form will include a list of approved proctors for taking the final exam.

  3. Contact one of the approved proctors to schedule your exam. The proctor will verify your identity, give you access to the exam, and supervise you while you take the exam.

  4. Meet the proctor to take the exam. You will need to bring your Proctoring Directions Form and a valid form of government-issued photo ID when you go to take the exam.

  5. Once you pass the exam, you can print your official certificate immediately and we will notify the South Dakota Health Department of your certification.

Course Details: Our course is an interactive course, with video, audio, animations, and flash cards to help you learn the material. At the end of the lesson is a quiz, and if you pass the quiz, you move on to the next lesson, if you don't pass, there is not any extra charge, you just go through the lesson again. The class is rated at 8 hours, but if you have experience, or know the material, you can get through the class quickly, but it is fine if it takes you longer, the main thing is that you know the material.

Are you already certified and need a recertification course? PSCC offers a re-certification course that has been approved by the South Dakota Department of Health. An existing food manager whose certification has not expired can take their recertification course entirely online and there is no need to take an additional proctored exam. Upon successful completion of the course, they will be certified for another 5 years.

Food Manager - Recertification Course

Approved by:
Department of Health
South Dakota Food Service Establishment Guidelines
600 East Capitol Ave
Pierre, SD 57501

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South Dakota Food Safety for Managers Training $59.95