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Florida Managing Responsible Alcohol Servers

Florida Managing Responsible Alcohol Servers Information

Florida Managing Responsible Alcohol Servers Course Approval

This online Florida Responsible Vendor Management Training course will train your managers in responsible alcohol management practices and meets the requirements for training managers according the Florida Responsible Vendor Act. To comply with the Florida Responsible Vendor Act and qualify as a Responsible Vendor, 9 steps are required. One of these steps is for all managers to complete a Florida Responsible Vendor Management Training course, such as Rserving's online Responsible Vendor Training for managers, within 15 days of their employment. Your managers can complete this online Florida alcohol server management course at their convenience and upon successful completion of the course, print their certificate instantly.

This course will teach the proper management and operation of a licensed premises in Florida, Florida license requirements, liquor proof and size limitations on alcohol sold, draft beer labeling requirements, rules for wine and beverage tastings in Florida, and posting and signage requirements. You will also learn how to develop your own responsible company policies in accordance with Florida regulations, what topics you should cover in your policies (sample policies for both on-premises and off-premises Florida establishments are included), how to perform a risk assessment of your establishment and provide active managerial control for risk factors identified, implementation of your company policies, how to monitor employee compliance with company policies, the importance of incident documentation in Florida, including what incidents should be documented and how to properly document an incident, and responsible marketing practices and alcohol promotion. This online management course also covers important requirements for complying with the Florida Responsible Vendor Act, such as record keeping requirements, hiring practices, training requirements for new employees and periodic meeting requirements. Florida vendors who successfully train their managers and maintain compliance with all the requirements outlined in the Florida's Responsible Vendor Act to qualify for a Responsible Vendor may receive benefits including exemption from license suspension or revocation, mitigation for certain beverage law violations and/or a reduction in liability insurance premiums.

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Receive your official PSCC Rserving Responsible Serving® of Alcohol Wallet Card for FL Responsible Serving® of Alcohol in the mail!

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After you complete the course, you are able to generate your printable certificate for FL Responsible Serving® of Alcohol immediately.
You will automatically receive your PSCC Rserving bartender's license / wallet card for FL in the mail within 15 days if you are in a state where wallet cards are issued.

Discover the responsible management skills that will provide a safe environment to sell and serve alcoholic beverages. This course will teach you to recognize the potential risks of irresponsible alcoholic beverage service practices, develop responsible service policies and procedures for your employees, and implement basic principles for responsible beverage service in all areas of your business including marketing and promotion, age identification, intoxication, and security.

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