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Advanced Wine Knowledge

The Wine Knowledge Course will teach you how to:

  • Recognize different varieties of wine
  • Match wines with an entree
  • Present and serve fine wines
This online Wine Knowledge Course teaches you not only the basics about wine, but also provides detailed information on wine producing regions, what wine goes with which food, and how to discuss wine with your customers. 

Impress your customers with a variety of knowledge about wine!

Woman drinking wine 

If you are working in an establishment that sells wine, then having knowledge about wine is essential. Arming yourself with wine knowledge will help you make informed suggestions when asked by a customer and may lead to bigger tips!

* The Wine Knowledge Course can be used for training in all states!

After learning about wine, you will be able to:

  • Describe different varieties of wine to your customers
  • Share interesting information about labels & corks / bottle shapes & sizes
  • Understand different varieties of grapes
  • Relate wines to the wine producing regions: old world wines / new world wines
  • Improve customers' dining experiences by pairing foods with wine that accentuates the meal
  • Properly serve wine to customers

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Advanced Wine Knowledge $18.99

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