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UST- C Training

Florida UST- C Training Information

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Class C UST Operator Training Course from Rserving

  • Each Class C Operator will receive a plastic wallet card as proof of having completed the perscribed training.
  • Account manager has ability to login and access/print facility specific compliance documents, Class C UST training documentation, emergency procedures document at any time.
  • Employees receive the UST Class C operator training efficiently and cost-effectively!
What is a UST?
UST stands for Underground Storage Tank and generally refers to the system of tank and underground piping used to dispense petroleum, including biofuel blends.

What is learned in UST Class C Operator Training?

Identify Class A, B and C Operator responsibilities.
Understand importance of safe fuel handling procedures.
UST Class C Operator Training Course Topics Include:
UST Class-C Training
  • Basics of UST Systems
  • Automatic Tank Gauges
  • Fuel Dispensers    - Handling Fuel Safely
  • Portable Fuel Containers
  • Safety Tips for Filling Portable Containers
  • Monitoring Fuel Delivery
  • Emergency Situations & Procedures
  • Stopping/Containing a Release
  • Spill Kit / Spill Reporting
  • Evacuation / Basic First Aid   
  • Fire Extinguishers

UST Class C Operator Training Includes Site Specific Information:

The Rserving® UST Class C Operator Training system is designed to give the UST Class A/B Operators the ability to easily customize the Class C training so each operator for the company is presented with the information specific to the site at which he/she will be working.

UST Site Specific Course Information:
  • Location of Records & Documents
  • UST A/B Operator Contact Information
  • Location of Safety Information
  • Fire Dept Contact Info
  • Spill Reporting / Emergency Procedures
  • Emergency Shutoff Switch Location

UST- C Training is also available through the following offer:

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Meets Requirements for UST Training in Florida

UST Record Keeping Requirements for Florida:
 Records of current training certificates for designated Class A, B, and C operators shall be maintained for as long as the operators are designated for that facility.

 A designated Class B operator for a given facility must provide the facility owner or operator with signed and dated written verification in the form of a list of all Class C operators who have been trained for that facility, which includes the date of that training. Owners and operators must ensure that a current and correct list of trained Class C operators is maintained at each facility or electronically provided by the Class A or B operator for inspection by the county or Department.

State Contact Information:
Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Division of Waste Management
Bureau of Petroleum Storage Systems 
Twin Towers Office Building
Room 403, MS 4575
2600 Blair Stone Road
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2400

Phone: 850-245-8839
Fax: 850-245-8831

Fund Program

Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Petroleum Cleanup Program 
Twin Towers Office Building
2600 Blair Stone Road
MS 4540
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2400

Phone: 850-245-8839
Fax: 850-245-8877