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GOLD Level - Master Bartender Package

GOLD Level - Master Bartender Package Online Training & Certification
Save over $120!
Total Price: $129.95 ! 

BEST DEAL: Earn all your hospitality certifications! 

Normal price over $250.00

(if package features are ordered separately)

The most knowledgeable bartenders:
- Get the best tips
- Get the best work shifts
- Get promoted faster

Get the best job with this excellent package deal.*  Master Bartender is a prestigious title and shows potential employers that you are a versatile bartender with a large skill set.  The Gold Level - Master Bartender Package is not something to take lightly; there is a lot of material to learn, and the package is well worth the cost.  Once you have passed all your courses, you may request from PSCC your official Master Bartender Card.

With this package, you will obtain your nationally recognized Professional Server Certification Corporation mixologist certification, state-approved Responsible Serving of Alcohol certification card/license, and Food Handler certificate or card.  The wallet cards are made of high-quality, durable plastic (similar to driver's licenses).  The Package's additional courses go above anything taught at conventional Bartender Schools, so these certifications will help you obtain the best job, for an unbelievably low price.  We reserve the right to change the package price at any time, so don't delay and order now for only $129.95. You will save over $120!

For hands-on experience, the Gold Level - Master Bartender Package also includes a mini practice kit: one glass mixing cup, one metal mixing cup, and two bottle pourers!  If you would like a larger mixing kit, you can purchase one from www.baremulator.com.  Mixing kits are very useful - they are great for practicing at home and for working at private events such as holiday parties or weddings.

The package also includes the Bartender's Handbook, which will be mailed to you along with the mini practice kit mentioned above.  Please allow 7-10 business days for Handbook and mini practice kit delivery; courses are delivered online.

The Gold Level - Master Bartender Package includes:


  • Bartender Mixology   ($49.95 if ordered separately)
      Learn to become a professional bartender and learn the art of mixology with this Bartender Mixology course!  Our course teaches you everything you need to know to be a professional bartender, and it even offers valuable job placement assistance by providing tips on where to find jobs, such as who will be hiring at any time.  Graduating from this course is similar to having a year’s worth of experience behind the bar.
  • Responsible Serving of Alcohol  ($9.95 if ordered separately)
      Earn your state certification to sell or serve alcohol with this course, which will teach you how to prevent drunk driving and recognize underage drinking.  This course is for your alcohol seller/server or bartender license. 
  • Advanced Wine Knowledge   ($24.00 if ordered separately)
      Gain valuable knowledge of wine varieties, the science behind matching wines with entrees, and how to present and serve your customers fine wines. This excellent course teaches you how to suggest wine to customers, thereby increasing your tips and enhancing your employment potential.
  • Liquor Knowledge   ($24.00 if ordered separately)
      Increase your earnings by serving top-shelf drinks that customers will enjoy and gladly pay top money for.  This course provides valuable alcohol knowledge, which will make you a better bartender and also increase the level of respect you receive from customers and co-workers.  Product knowledge is a must for every master bartender!
  •  Waiter/Waitress Hospitality   ($24.00 if ordered separately)
      Earn more money and increase your employment potential by learning how to work in a high-end restaurant and how to ensure that guests are happy throughout their entire visit.  This course will teach you the proper techniques for taking orders, how to provide high-quality customer service, and more!
  • Gratuity Secrets   ($24.00 if ordered separately)
      Discover the secret art of increasing tips!  Learn how to make 2-3 times more tips than what servers are earning on average.  As a server, your biggest nights come from tips, so this is definitely a course worth taking.
  • Food Safety for Handlers   ($9.95 if ordered separately) 
      Become an employee with the knowledge of safe food handling techniques and procedures, an understanding of foodborne illnesses, and the necessary skills to prevent contamination. This is an essential course for anyone involved with the preparation or handling of food at an establishment.
  • Club Drugs   ($24.00 if ordered separately)  
    • Learn how to recognize drug problems or issues with customers, which can help prevent disturbances.  This course gives you the opportunity to increase your knowledge of club drugs through easy-to-master lessons that provide specific information on how to recognize club drug abuse.
Additional Items

  • Bartender's Handbook   ($29.95 if ordered separately)  
      The Bartender's Handbook includes bar terms, speed drills, commercial drink recipes, a garnish guide, a wine guide, and valuable employment tips.  It also tells you why drinks are made a certain way, so you can figure out and discover new drinks on your own. 
  • Online Bartender Resume   ($9.99 if ordered separately)
      Looking for a job, or simply want to update your bartender resume?  The Online Bartender Resume is a tool you can use to create a professional bartending resume online. The resume sections include your name, contact information, education, experience, skills, references, etc.
  • Glass Mixing Cup (1)

  • Metal Mixing Cup: 28 oz. Boston Shaker (1)

  • Bottle Pourers (2)
Bottle Pourers

Our Gold Level - Master Bartender Package can improve your job potential by providing you with a larger skill set.  Upgrade to PSCC's Gold Level today!  

*The Gold Level - Master Bartender Package is a package deal; if the Responsible Serving of food or alcohol is not approved in your state, there is not a prorated refund. The Package does have our full refund policy (within 30 days). 

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GOLD Level - Master Bartender Package: $129.95