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Responsible Serving® of Alcohol Course FAQs

How long is the course, how many hours does it take to complete?
The Responsible Serving® of Alcohol course length is determined by state law (in most cases).  The course typically takes 2-3 hours.  Course times vary by individual and some students progress through the course faster than others.

In the case where there is not a state law, we endeavored to create materials that could be learned quickly, so that you can complete a quality training program in a couple hours. 

Is a responsible serving® of alcohol certificate valid for all states?
The Responsible Serving® course follows state guidelines, which are different for each state.  If you plan on working in two states (or moving to a new state), you will need to take a different course for each state, to learn their state laws.

What does the Responsible Serving® course teach me?

The Responsible Serving® course teaches you how to serve alcohol responsibly. Topics in this course include: how to spot a fake ID, how to tell when someone is intoxicated, how to handle someone who has had too much to drink, and the legal responsibilities of a server as well as your state's laws.

Is this the same certificate I would get from an in-classroom course?
Yes, our course will issue you a nationally recognized certification.  The benefit of taking the course online is that you can work through the course on your own time and at your own pace.  Also, you can take this course anywhere that you have internet access.

What are the benefits of taking a course like this?
The Responsible Serving® course is a requirement to serve alcohol in some states. Some bars or restaurants may also require that you take a course that addresses responsible serving® in order to lower the bar or restaurant's insurance rates.

Having this certification will also help you stand out from other applicants when you apply for a position.

How do I take the quizzes/exams?
The quizzes and exams are all computerized and are taken online. The software will grade the quizzes and show your results on the screen. Your scores are also recorded in an online database.

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